Since its creation DESTINATION has committed itself to developing everything in a responsible manner. In addition to our commitments in organic farming and Fairtrade, this means to specifically:

• Choose to import our raw materials by complete container load and to use rail-road, giving priority to their delivery to Bordeaux’s port
• To choose local suppliers, to select suppliers according to their social and environmental policies and educate their contribution
• To ensure our distribution with the cleanest solutions, to favour lighter and recyclable packaging
• To Improve the sorting and the management making a better use of them (hessian, film of coffee papers and plastics)
• To invest in photovoltaic energy (7000m² and a positive energy of over double our own consumption) and to reduce our energy consumption.
• Thanks to our direct purchasing avoiding intermediaries, and the choice of enhancement by packaging at the plantation, the producers receive 45% of the consumer sales price of tea in teabags.
• DESTINATION provides a living for 27 500 producer unions and co-operatives and 412000 farmers throughout the world.

Since all our actions, no matter how small they be, have an impact,
DESTINATION always acts to minimise its environmental impact.